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Frida Kahlo: A Lesson in Perspective

Frida Kahlo: A Lesson in Perspective

How often do you look in the mirror? Is it a quick look to check your hair or to see if something is in your teeth, or are you truly looking at yourself - who you are? 

Each year we have the opportunity to make resolutions; we hope to become better versions of ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. But do we take time regularly for self-reflection outside of the beginning of a year? 

This week’s #wowwomanwednesday is a great example of constant self-reflection and seeing things for more than they appear to be.

Frida Kahlo was a famous Mexican artist who frequently painted self-portraits. Her work is honest and passionate. Despite a life of health challenges, she found a way to express herself through art that still resonates with people around the world. 

Head on over to the blog to learn more about Frida and try a fun activity to experience self-expression and evaluation. We also have discussion questions to go along with the activity to talk with your kids about the importance of self-reflection and awareness of our surroundings.