About Us

Daisy May & Me

It is our choices... that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

- J.K. Rowling

Daisy May & Me is here to celebrate the goodness of being female in all its forms and strives to support our female community. We have a 2 part mission:

Mission #1:

  • Provide opportunities to be inspired by the women of the past and present. Each item we sell is named after a woman who embodies positive and exemplary characteristics. 
  • Mold the women of the future to be confident and kind, focusing on the content of their character and not on their appearance.
  • Teach girls that it is not what they look like in their clothes that matters but what they do in them.

Mission #2:

  • Make the shopping experience more meaningful by using our platform/business to change lives.
  • Help fulfill needs in our female communities and provide a sisterhood of aid and compassion. A portion of all our sales go to specific charities dedicated to helping women in need. 


Meet the Founder

Mollie Pettingill

 Mollie Pettingill |Daisy May & Me|

 When you first meet me you're likely to first be overwhelmed by my physical presence (all 6' of my healthy self).

Then you're likely to be underwhelmed by my plain-Jane, t-shirt wearing, low maintenance self.

You see, even though I own a clothing boutique, I'm not a fashionista. I don't wear much makeup and most of the time my hair is held in a bun with a pen. At times I feel out out of place. Days when I feel completely inadequate to be competing in the "fashion industry". But that's when I remind myself the reason I started this business.

I started it because there is no avoiding "fashion". We all have to wear clothes-- at least for most the day. Dressing ourselves is always going to be a daily routine, yet my shopping experiences were missing something. I felt exactly how Fred Rogers felt about TV. (If you haven't watched Won't You Be My Neighbor yet, go watch it!). Fred saw that this new tool, television, wasn't being used as it should be. No one was using it to offer positive, healthy messages to kids.

So he became that positive light himself.

In Mr. Roger's words, "let's take the gauntlet and make goodness attractive."

That's how I feel about Daisy May & Me.

It's not about me and what is in my closet. It's not about the next fashion trend. It's about taking back how we dress our bodies.

It's about being intentional in our attire in a way that helps us BE good and DO good, not just look good. It's about using that moment, space in which we get ready for the day and using it to remind ourselves that like the many women before us or next to us, we are each unique. We are each important. And we each have a purpose. 


Other random facts about me:

I'm from AZ. 

I'm married to Captain Awesome and we have 4 equally awesome children, 3 girls and 1 boy.

After being in 4 different majors, I finally graduated with a bachelors in Marriage and Family Counseling from BYU, the week after having my first daughter.

I make breakfast for dinner nearly every week.

I am a people collector and I love to share about the people I collect.

I have a love of learning that never seems to be satisfied.


For inquires contact us: support@daisymayandme.com 
US phone: (480) 515-6208