Wilma Mankiller

Wilma Mankiller |Daisy May & Me|

Her name might be Mankiller, but it could be Problem Solver, because today's #wedwowwoman, Wilma Mankiller, was known for her ability to solve problems. 

Not just small ones either. Big, national crisis problems, specifically among her Native American family.

She solved these problems by LISTENING to individuals one by one and hearing their struggles. She heard them and then helped them work the problems out themselves. 

Some of her projects in Oklahoma received national attention and were then mimicked throughout the states.

She was granted authority from the government to establish another of her programs in the Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

Among problem solver and listener, she was also an advocate, peace keeper, leader and a builder. 

Under her leadership as Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation she built health centers, established ambulance services, introduced early education and adult education services, created job-training programs and helped the tribe manage their own finances. She was monumental in helping the tribe improve their circumstances. 

Our world is full of problems just waiting for future Wilma Mankiller-Problem-Solvers like her to answer to. 💪❤️

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