Ruth Wakefield

*Before we dive into today's #WedWowWoman I want to explain how these posts will look from now on. To align more fully with my efforts and goals of Daisy May & Me, not only will these posts share the stories of an array of wonderful women and how we can learn from their lives, but they'll also include an activity that you can do with your children in order to teach them in your home.

These activities will be quick, simple, and fun. They are designed to foster conversations and opportunities with your kids that will teach them valuable life lessons. Lessons that each of the women taught through their own lives. It's my goal to give you actionable opportunities to encourage and inspire your children, most especially your daughters. These posts will be presented in the following format.

 Ruth Wakefield

Cookie Jar |Daisy May & Me|

Chocolate Chip Cookies are arguably the most famous cookie to date. When I think of all the chocolate chip cookies I've made or consumed in my lifetime there are far too many to count. 

But with all of my experience with the chocolate chip cookie I never stopped to ponder where it came from.

Enter Ruth Wakefield.

Ruth Wakefield |Daisy May & Me|

Ruth Wakefield and her husband Kenneth ran a tourist lodge named the Toll House Inn in Boston during the 1930's. Ruth, as an experienced dietitian, was responsible for the cooking at the Inn and built a reputation for her delicious culinary skills.

She fed many mouths with her home cooked meals and grew to be a local celebrity. (Note to self: feeding many mouths with yummy food is an easy way to make fast friends)

One day in a rush to get cookies made for incoming guests, but lacking all the proper ingredients, she decided to smash up a chocolate Nestle bar to use in her cookies instead of the bakers chocolate her grandmother's recipe called for. Some say it was a happy discovery, some say she did it on purpose. Either way the first chocolate chip cookies were born.

Toll House Cookie |Daisy May & Me|

The cookies became so popular, soldiers over seas began asking for them and soon they were loved all over the country. This new, popular recipe sold so many Nestle chocolate bars that the owner of Nestle decided to strike a deal with Ruth supposedly offering her $1 and a lifetime supply of chocolate in exchange for the recipe. To this day that same recipe has been enjoyed all over the world in millions of homes.

Moral of the story

Some of the best things in life can come from learning to adapt or readjusting our behaviors. Just like Ruth learned to adapt when she didn't have what she needed she improvised as best she could and out popped the chocolate chip cookie. When life seems to feel like it is not giving us what we need, we can learn to readjust our needs and move forward with what we've got. 


Bake the Toll House Chocolate Chip cookies together!

To make it more fun, let your child pick out a candy bar to crush up and include in place of the chocolate chips.

My kids picked these options:

Cookie Lessons |Daisy May & Me|

Experiment with other recipes.

Try adding different ingredients in place of others.

Just have fun and bake together!

Finished cookies |Daisy May & Me|

And for those wondering the cookies with skittles weren't so bad. We just recommend eating them when their are warm, once they cool off they get pretty chewy.

Click for the Toll House Recipe.

Toll House Cookie Recipe |Daisy May & Me|

Questions for discussion during your activity:

What do you think would have happened if Ruth had decided to just not make a dessert?

What if the cookie didn't turn out at all? Would that mean she is a failure?

Have you ever felt like you needed something but didn't have it? How did you adapt?

Piece named after Ruth:

 Wakefield floral dress in plus size |Daisy May & Me|

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