Meet Ramia from Syria. She and her family have been here just under 2 years. At home she enjoyed visiting the parks and shopping. Living in the US she's discovering a new past time-- Sewing. Learning how to sew and seeing how quickly she was able to pick up the skills gave Ramia a new sense of confidence. She's found value in being apart of the AMWA and enjoys being able to bring in some income for her family. One of her biggest challenges here is finding proper employment that can support the entire family. Her biggest desire while living here is to learn to drive and buy her own car. 🚗 When I asked her what she'd like others to know about her beliefs she said, "come visit us, share with us your thoughts and don't judge us. Just because we don't have the same religion does not mean we are lost or bad. Love and peace is my religion. That is the language of all religions". 💓 Well said Ramia, well said. 

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