Oreo Taste Test Activity

Our family is a big fan of Oreos. So we came up with a fun activity we could all do together. 

An Oreo Taste Test Activity

Oreo Taste Testing Score Sheet {Daisy May & Me}Stack of Oreo Variety of Flavors {Daisy May & Me}

Here's what you'll need:

  • A variety of Oreo Flavors (we went to the store together and let everyone pick their own).
  • This Oreo Scoring Sheet and a pen/pencil for each person participating.
  • A paper towel or plate for each cookie.
  • A glass of milk for each person

Once you've gathered your supplies, distribute one kind of each cookie to each person.

Single Oreos on a paper towel {Daisy May & Me}

Assign a flavor to each number at the top of the graph. To keep it consistent, have each person write the same flavor for each number.

Then everyone begins with tasting and scoring each Oreo Flavor. Each kid did it differently, taking a bite first, or dipping first. Just go according to how you would eat a regular Oreo. Leave a score 1-5 for each category: Look, Smell, Texture, Taste, Dunkability, and Overall. 

Kid scoring his Oreo on Oreo tasting score sheet {Daisy May & Me}Kid dipping Oreo in glass of milk {Daisy May & Me}

Slowly go through each flavor until all the Oreo's are scored for each category. Once finished you can add up each column's score to see which cookie flavor won overall.

Oreo Taste Score Sheet filled out {Daisy May & Me}

Then you can add up everyone's total scores to see which cookie flavor won the overall for the entire group. 


The main point is to just have fun together and best of all, get to eat yummy cookies!

Kids with packs of Oreo Cookies {Daisy May & Me}

 Oreo Taste Test Score Sheet

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