Katherine Switzer

Katherine Switzer |Daisy May & Me|

This one picture of Katherine Switzer teaches so much. 

In it, there are 2 men: 

one who is trying to stop Katherine from finishing her marathon.

Another who was her friend and coach and helped her train and prepare for it for months before. 

All she wanted to do was participate in one of the best marathons in the country. The Boston Marathon. 

Sure no woman had officially run in it before, but that isn't why she ran it. She ran because that's what she wanted to do. She ran because she wanted to prove to herself that she could do it. 

There were those who supported her and helped her. And of course there were those who opposed her. 

This. Is. Life.

There will always be opposition. 

There will always be those who see differently and try to stop you from fulfilling your mission. 

But if you're wise, like Katherine, you'll surrounded yourself with those who do support you. 

You'll put in the work.

You'll listen to those coaches or friends who tell you to "just keep running" when someone is trying to tell you to stop. 

And you'll know that you can and will finish it through. No matter how many come to stop you. 

And the best part is that just because you did believe in yourself and finished you'll end up helping others believe they can do it too, just as Katherine did.

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