Joan of Arc

Did you know that 12% of Americans think Joan of Arc is Noah's wife? 🤦 Hopefully today's post can make her amazing life more clear. Joan, born Jeanne d'Arc, is our #wedwowwoman. Her life may have been short but it was packed with purpose. At just 13 she testified that she had been visited by heavenly messengers calling her to save France from English dominance during the Hundreds Year's War. Following the Messenger's requests, Joan of Arc did all in her power to help the French win the war, including disguising as a male soldier, traversing dangerous territories, and becoming the leader of the military. She claimed that "divine revelations" were helping her in her crusade. Historians believe that it is because of her that the French were successful in a short string of attacks during her leadership, when they had previously been struggling and ready to give up. Unfortunately, she was captured by the Burgundian's and put on trial by the English. During her trial she experienced persecution similar to that of Christ. In an attempt to add to her charges the court tried to catch her in heresy by asking her if she was on an errand from God. Knowing that if she said yes, current Catholic doctrine would label it blasphemy and if she said no she would be discredited. Her reply was inspired, "if I am not, may God put me there; and if I am, may God keep me." 💓 There's so much to learn from Joan and we are grateful for her exemplary life.

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