Eleanor Roosevelt

It always astonishes me when individuals can look beyond their own culture, economic or social status and see a need to serve or fulfill. It's easy to become contented in life when you have enough or even more than enough. I, myself often forget how blessed I am in my circumstances complaining about problems such as broken cars or slow internet when in reality there are those in the world who barely have shoes on their feet to walk with or don't have access to clean WATER let alone internet. So when someone of a higher status looks for ways to use their station to help others I'm always impressed. Such is the case with Eleanor Roosevelt. She used her position as first lady to help a myriad of disadvantage groups of her time, including women⚢. Just by holding a women only press conference she created an entire generation of women journalists 📰. She could have used her wealth and power to adorn herself with the fanciest and most expensive fashions but instead she made sure to wear only clothes and fashions that were sensible and supported fair labor. 
Her service oriented life is one worth emulating. That's why Eleanor is one of the women we've named a dress after. Our hope is to inspire other little ladies to do the same outward thinking. 👏

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