Dian Fossey

Today's #wowwomanwed had a pretty controversial life. Dian Fossey, a famous primatologists was known for her work among the primates 🦍of Africa and led a fascinating life living in the remote and dangerous parts of Rwanda. Having turned down an invite to an African Safari with a close family friend, Dian then borrowed $8,000, emptied her life savings and went on a 7- week visit to Africa herself. This trip was the start to her obsession with gorillas. After returning home her friend, Mary Leakey whom she had me in Africa convinced her to do a long-term study of the gorillas. So, after months of preparation, including studying Swahili, she set up camp in the Congo. There she poured her life into the study of 🦍 and became alarmed at the rampant poaching of such grand creatures. She was passionate about the conservation and protection of the wildlife. She helped uncover the hypocritical nature of some of the leading wildlife conservation org. who were taking thousands of $ in donations to "preserve and protect" the primates in reality they were turning an eye to certain poachers in exchange for bribes. Fossey witnessed the aftermath of a hunt for 2 small baby gorillas meant for a zoo in which a dozen adult gorillas were killed defending their young. Fossey was known locally as a threat to the poachers and openly opposed them, even employing harsh tactics such as one rumored case in which she "beat a poacher's testicles with stinging nettles". 🤪 She was one tough lady who was passionate about what she believed in. Her life wasn't perfect but she helped bring a lot of attention to the endangerment of apes and her research center, the Karisoke Center, continues to monitor and protect these rare animals to this day. And her wildlife fund @savinggorillas is going stronger than ever thanks in part to @theellenshow. Dian's last journal entry right before her murder in her tiny cabin in Rwanda reads, "when you realize the value of all life, you dwell less on what is past and concentrate more on the preservation of the future."

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