Craft Time: Paper Cactus DIY Decoration


We thought it would be fun to do a more in-depth tutorial on the paper cactus decoration that we shared a link for in our March Family Book Club post since the video on Pinterest doesn't really have verbal or written instructions. And, it's a great excuse for me to make some fun paper cacti! :)



Here is what you will need:

  • Green paper (cardstock, construction, or standard - you could also use white paper and color it. Cardstock will be the sturdiest)
  • Colored paper of your choice (for the flower on top of the cactus and for the pot/stand)
  • Double-sided tape (you can use glue)
  • Glue (liquid glue is probably the best option)
  • Scissors
  • Something to put at the base of your cacti (the original tutorial uses small colored rocks. I think it would be fun to put candy - like jelly beans - in it!)
  • A toothpick (or something similar to curl paper with)
  • The Cactus Template - templates for the cactus and for your pot/stand


  • Cut out your templates. Trace the circle template on the colored paper of your choice. Make sure to trace the outer and inner circle on just as it is on your template (you'll have two circles inside of each other, not separate). 
  • Cut the largest circle out of the paper (the inner circle will be inside of this circle still). Then cut straight lines from the outer circle to the inner circle. This will allow you to fold them up and provide you with something to glue this piece onto the rectangle piece - forming your "pot or stand". 



    • Place glue in a straight line along the top of one long edge of your rectangle and then attach that edge to the folded edges of the circle piece aligning the top of your rectangle with the tops of the folded edges so they form a small tray. 


      • Use your cactus template to cut out 10 green cactus pieces. Fold each of those pieces in half and then open them enough so they make an angle.
      • Take one cactus piece and put glue on one side of the outer part of the cactus. Take another cactus piece and press it to the glued side of the other piece.

        • Continue to attach each cactus piece in this way until they are all connected. 

          • Put glue on the base of the cactus and place it on your pot/stand however you want it to sit (circle tray side is at the top). 


            • If you want to put a flower on top of your cactus, use the square template and cut a square out of your choice of colored paper. Fold the paper in half twice and then fold it into a triangle. Draw a petal shape in the corner of the triangle and then cut along the lines you drew. Do not cut the folded bottom piece or your flower will fall apart. Unfold your flower and then use the toothpick to curl the petals inward. Repeat this step 1-2 times for smaller flowers to go inside the larger flower. Glue the flower on top of the cactus.
            • Place your rocks or other choice of filler around the cactus.
            • Find a fun place to display your cactus!

            Here's a video tutorial to help you too! I'm a visual person, so between these written instructions, photos, and videos I think anyone can make these fun paper cactus decorations.

            If you make them, we'd love to see yours! Take a picture and tag us on Instagram 

            Happy creating!

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