Betsy Ross

Did you know that story of Betsy Ross designing and sewing the first American flag has no specific evidence and therefore there are many who question her validity? There is documentation that George Washington visited her area but the idea that he requested her to design it was passed on by her descendants.

 Betsy Ross painting |Daisy May & Me|

There are so many differing opinions and feelings toward her story that even to this day it still causes controversy, i.e. (Colin Kaepernick and Nike's July shoe release). 

I'm not going to dive into the politics, except to say that I believe it is our privilege to live in this wonderful country and regardless of what side of the story or politics you fall on, it is an obligation to teach our kids to be grateful for what we have. 

There are so many good things that we can focus on about this country and I believe when we focus on the good, the good gets better. Of course we must always speak up for the changes we wish to see, but most importantly being the change.

 The Moral of the Story:

We all can contribute to making this country better every day.


Take the time to teach your kids the pledge allegiance. Talk to them about flag and why we show it respect. Be open with them about why some may have a different view of it and our history but it it is our opportunity to make this country welcoming and kind to all. 

 Pledge of Allegiance |Daisy May & Me|

Questions for discussion:

What do the stars and stripes on the flag stand for?

Why would some have a negative relationship with the original flag? 

How can we both be respectful and grateful for our country while improving it?

What are some things we can do to show our gratitude?

The Betsy Dress:


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